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Gundam Wing models

Both Gundam Wing models.

My favorite anime, by far! That has to be Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. It's a mecha anime, with a lot of story to it and it was the first anime I personally liked... A lot!

It was almost like an addiction. At the age of 14-16 all I was really busy with, was collecting Gundam Wing items. Mostly digital, as there pretty much weren't any items available in our local stores and even in the bigger cities it was hard to find any Gundam Wing items.

When I was 14, my mom told me she found out a local store was selling a Gundam Wing model. Wahoo! Finally!

Mobile Suit: XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam

Shenlong close-up.

Better known as "Nataku" in the series. This is the Gundam Wufei (a character in the anime) uses. It's not my favorite Gundam, nor favorite Gundam character in the anime, but hey... Rather this than not having any Gundam models at all! :D

Shenlong whole.

My mom bought this for me and I was so happy about it. I really enjoyed spending the hours to build the model.

It has almost been ten whole years now, and the completed model is still standing. Standing on top of my old stereo set in my bedroom. Eventhough my mom made several attempts to try and get rid of the model, I always placed it right back where it belongs.

Mobile Suit: XXXG-01W Wing Gundam

Wing Zero close-up.

Better known as Wing Zero in the anime. This is the Gundam Heero (also a character in the anime) uses. It's not my favorite either, but hey! Another model is a very welcome gift!

Wing Zero whole.

This Gundam was gifted to me by my parents for christmas when I was 14. It was a wonderful surprise, which me and my brother never saw coming. My brother? Yes, he too got a model. The same one. Which is ok, but of course... I would've liked two different models so I could've secretly taken his model up to my room. But oh well, happy with it anyway! :D

Both models on top of my stereo.

This model is now also standing on top of my stereo set in my bedroom. It's bigger than the Shenlong model, and standing behind it. Almost like a guard would, but he completely outshines the Shenlong model.

This Wing Zero model is a more detailed model than the Shenlong is. It even has the option to transform into the flightmode, which I never use.

Unfortunatly, both models have lost a part of their suits. The Shenlong model is missing an "earpiece" and the Wing Zero model is missing it's headgear. I guess those pieces got lost in the vacuum cleaner. It's a shame really, but I refuse to put them away because of such small flaws.

I do hope to find more models from this anime. Especially the Gundam "Deathscythe" is on top of my list. That's the one gundam I really badly want to have. Hopefully I will come across that model some day.