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Me with flowers.


Quirinya is what they call me. It’s not my real name, but for many years now it has been my screenname. This screenname doesn’t have a meaning to it, it’s not a translation either. It’s a screenname I made up for myself in the summer of 2007.

The screenname does however have a background story. It’s derived from another made-up name. In September 2005 (let me start right at the beginning) my brother Ben started playing World of Warcraft. He was playing that together with a good friend of ours: Marcel. Together they were in a guild on World of Warcraft. This guild was named: Quizotic. A made-up name that – without any significant reason – really spoke me. I wanted to use this guild’s name as inspiration for a new screenname. Quizotic didn’t sound feminine to me, so I decided to take the letters “qui” and place something else behind it to make it sound more feminine.

That’s how Quirinya originated!

Zicht vanuit mijn kamerraam.

But then what’s my real name? Maartje. Fully that’s: Maartje Groenen. A very Dutch name. Roughly translated it would come down to: Mary Green. Born and raised in Bergeijk, a town in the Netherlands southwest from Eindhoven. At the moment of typing this story Bergeijk is even the greenest village of the Netherlands and one of the greenest villages of Europe. I’m a “Brabantse” (female inhabitant of the Dutch province: Brabant) and I am proud of that.

I’m proud to still be living in this area. With my parents even. “Still?!” Yes, still living with my parents. There is plenty of space for the entire family on this lot. I’ll leave when the time is right for me and once I feel like it. In my own way! :P

Are there any other family members living here, other than my parents and brother? Yes! The sweetest of them all, my dog: Zwabbertje.


Zwabje is a lovely old dog that lives his live his own way. He’s already 13 years old! He has his quirks in his old age, but he’s never too old to play and he can beg for food like no other! Not a single other dog can put on those adorable puppy-dog eyes and cry in all tonalities, just to get whatever the rest of the family is getting. Zwabje also knows a funny trick (you can teach him anything in exchange for food) on command: blowing! (Basicly a silent bark.)

Let me see… What else would you like to know?

Age? I’m 25 years old now. Since the 6th of April.

Can you find me on other places on the internet? Yes! You can. On other websites you can usually also find me as Quirinya. For instance I’m fairly active on Colourlovers. Which is also about the only form of social media I like to use on a regular base. The reason for this has to do with my IT background (which is a major contradiction). Social media so far have been temporary hotspots (who still uses MySpace?) and I do not want to put my entire heart and soul out there in public on some form of social media.

So yeah… I already mentioned my background: Bachelor in IT (almost). Interaction design to be more exact.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them! You can always ask me, but I’ll decide if I’ll grant your question with an answer you were hoping for. Muahaha! ^.^