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Two bears and a rabbit

Two bears and a rabbit.

No. Not the three living animals. No, rather a couple of cute furry stuffed plush toy bears and one adorable fluffy stuffed plush toy rabbit. All three came from the Build a Bear Workshop.

Two full-sized plush bears and a small lop rabbit. You can find the bunny stuffed and ready in the shop, but the big bears have to be prepaired in the store for you. It really is literally a workshop to "build a bear". You simply pick the exterior of a bear you like and the in-store-experience can begin...

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Two Furbies

New Furby's box.

Who isn't familiar with them? Come on! Be honest... Even if you didn't like them, you've probably heard of Furbies before. The furry little robot toy that has taken over the world since the late 90's and starting 2000.

Now 2000 has been quite a while ago (my, I sound old!) and even the old Furby now looks dated. Most people probably don't even own their first Furby anymore... I do!

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Gundam Wing models

Both Gundam Wing models.

My favorite anime, by far! That has to be Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. It's a mecha anime, with a lot of story to it and it was the first anime I personally liked... A lot!

It was almost like an addiction. At the age of 14-16 all I was really busy with, was collecting Gundam Wing items. Mostly digital, as there pretty much weren't any items available in our local stores and even in the bigger cities it was hard to find any Gundam Wing items.

When I was 14, my mom told me she found out a local store was selling a Gundam Wing model. Wahoo! Finally!

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